Friday, June 17, 2011


today i will share a lot of picture during my internship at 
The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa..

to be honest, my friends and I really enjoy the memories in Langkawi
as well as the internship that very awesome..

what can i say, the final internship is quite far better than the first one...
i feel more enjoy and fun..
 although i have to leave my family and stay in the island for 4 months without them
i still manage to face the daily task successfully
sad or not, my friends are always stand together with me..

the luxury experience is at Westin where i gain a lot of knowledge 
from the Culinary Team..
the collaboration with them feel long yet so fast finish at the end..
this experience is priceless..

i hope i can set step my foot into the island one day together with
Shafiq Zunnur Sakimin, Ikmal Arif Azami, Andy Tang Jia Dong, Jafni Hannan Julainai,
Nurasyikin Ishak and Nur Husna Shefek Afendi..
together we make a reunion and vacation..
it must be HAPPENING and LOUD...

These are the pictures during the internship at Westin

taken during new year eve:::

with mummy Nurasyikin Ishak

my pillow talk partner, Ikmal Arif

my lovely click, Shafiq Zunnur

bff ( L-R)..Shafiq, I, Ikmal and Jafni Hannan...

more to come later... bye for now..

muka tension aje.. hehe..
see YOU..

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