Sunday, January 23, 2011

garde manger, i'm coming..

Alhamdulillah, finally i finished my training at Chinese Kitchen (also known as Wok Kitchen). After 2 weeks in action, I learned a lot of things and well thanks dedicate to Chef Chin, Ooi and Amerul for their support and shared the knowledge to me. During a training, I gained a lot of information and techniques about Chinese and Asian cuisine from A la Carte until Buffet. It such a short journey but full with knowledge.

From Wok Kitchen to Cold Kitchen>>>>>>>

The time is running very fast, didn't realize that i just step into the outlet number four so far.. and it is the 55th day in Langkawi... My friends are getting happy and enjoy.
I hope that my journey in Langkawi will be fine and run smoothly. Inshaallah..
Back to the story, Cold Kitchen is one of my favourite outlet as this kitchen serve a variety of fruits, salads, sandwiches and canapes. Tomorrow, I will start my work at 8 in the morning and working with a new environment. I wish that a month spend in Cold Kitchen
will be start and end successfully. I hope that I could walk and enjoy there..

Thank You.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

a first step..

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. Alhamdulillah, finally I have my own blog. So much thinking make me feel sick and pain, the only way to run from the problem is writing and express to people. Firstly, I want to introduce myself a bit. My full name is Mohammad Ashraff bin Annuar and currently studied at Universiti Teknologi Mara, Pulau Pinang in Diploma in Culinary Art. Now, I face the Industrial Training which will be end on 5th April 2011. Inshaallah. I hope everything are fine and successfully finish by me and all my friends. Amin. That's it from me.

Little things to add, I love kids and always make people happy as long as I am happy. When my emotion is not stable, i will easily angry with people and fight for nothing. I didn't get money if i won so it just waste my time. That is my old habit that I could not change until now. But seriously, u need to feel cheer and always laugh when stand by my side. : P . Because i love to laugh so much,, hehe,, Full stop.

As for myself, i feel like I'm so small here and still find the way and direction to make it comfortable. Truly and honestly, i love to write and the conclusion is writing is one of my hobby when i have nothing to do. A huge thanks to my best friends who encouraged me to start blogging and writing. Before this, I always keep remind myself that i want to write a blog but it doesn't work because lack of time to blogging. So, start now onwards i am ready to share my story to everyone. :)

So, my advise.. every story in our life is not only to be written inside the diary and keep inside the box with a lock outside but it needs to spread and share with people inside or outside from our life as long as it is relevant and suitable to be talk.

Hi, I'm Ashraff and welcome to my blog. Thank u everyone.

Wassalam.. :)