Sunday, January 23, 2011

garde manger, i'm coming..

Alhamdulillah, finally i finished my training at Chinese Kitchen (also known as Wok Kitchen). After 2 weeks in action, I learned a lot of things and well thanks dedicate to Chef Chin, Ooi and Amerul for their support and shared the knowledge to me. During a training, I gained a lot of information and techniques about Chinese and Asian cuisine from A la Carte until Buffet. It such a short journey but full with knowledge.

From Wok Kitchen to Cold Kitchen>>>>>>>

The time is running very fast, didn't realize that i just step into the outlet number four so far.. and it is the 55th day in Langkawi... My friends are getting happy and enjoy.
I hope that my journey in Langkawi will be fine and run smoothly. Inshaallah..
Back to the story, Cold Kitchen is one of my favourite outlet as this kitchen serve a variety of fruits, salads, sandwiches and canapes. Tomorrow, I will start my work at 8 in the morning and working with a new environment. I wish that a month spend in Cold Kitchen
will be start and end successfully. I hope that I could walk and enjoy there..

Thank You.


  1. follow la my blog pulak...dgn bebesar hati saya menerima anda..follow yer... pesanan untuk awak...buat kerja laju2 tau kt cold kitchen...gulong salmon 1 tgn, refill buah biar berterabor...buat sandwich biar guna brown bread jer...klu x tau tnye permanent staff yer...gud luck!!!

  2. baik2.. saya ingat pesanan anda..
    awak jgn lupa pulak, ade lg penambahan..
    kalau nak standby yoghurt untuk smoothie, bw 2-3 balang.. walaupun lg 20 minit nak clear..

    pas tu.. angkat lah 3-4 pinggan buah2 an ke hadapan untuk lebih cepat dan pantas..

    keje extra 2 jam pun xpe.. janji aku kerja pantas..